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Our team included writers, editors, freelancers, campaign coordinators, campus ambassadors spanning 17+ cities and 5+ countries.

Piyush Ghosh


Tuhin Kumar Sen


Tannison Mathews


Swanzil Raghuwanshi

Founding Member


The readers of The Optimist Citizen spanned acorss 31+ cities in India and 4 countries in the world. Here are some first hand testimonials from our readers.

It is hard for my kid to see the positives when he reads the regular paper and with the stuff that is happening. When he read The Optimist Citizen paper cover to cover, he rose saying: There is a lot of good in the world. I can’t tell you how much that means.

Sangitha K

Reader, Bengaluru

I had stopped reading newspapers 10 years back because they only spoke about everything that was not right, but I am so happy to see this concept. This endeavor gives me a lot of hope. I think this needs to impact globally, it is critical to our sustenance.

Arpita Singh

Reader, Hyderabad

Just when I was done with mainstream newspapers, The Optimist Citizen became an oasis – letting me look at the brighter side of humanity. What stands out is that it can be handed over to anyone without the fear of them being scarred by the sensational news.

Archana Zulifiqar

Reader, Bhopal

Our work has been recognised by

Forbes 30 Under 30, Asia
Queen’s Young Leader
Ashoka Youth Venture
Digital Empowerment Foundation